bio-Char super sacks
bio-Char super sacks

bio-Char super sacks


For customers who do not have a large capacity on-site storage, super sacks are a popular option. Your biochar will be protected from the elements, and you can rest easy that

your investment will not lose efficacy  our raw product’s shelf life is virtually unlimited.  please contact us about this option on the contact form here


Denominated in 2 cubic-yard super sacks, this option is perfect for product trials, feasibility studies, and boutique applications. Depending on humidity levels, each sack weighs approximately 325-375 lbs.

Existing lawns, shrubs, trees and gardens

You can use biochar over the ground and rake it in thoroughly. You can spread 1 cu/ft box of biochar over ~350 sq/ft of soil. This is a typical application for existing lawn care.

  • 1 cu/ft bag = ~375 sq/ft.
  • 1 gallon bag = ~55 sq/ft.
    *Reapplication of biochar each year is recommended for several years.

An alternative would be to apply a 50/50 mix of biochar and organic compost to the planting area. This new mix will work its way into the existing soil.

Typical Properties, % by weight:

Carbon: ~90%

Moisture ~10%

pH value: ~9.5

Total ash (dry basis): <3%

Guaranteed Analysis, dry, % by weight:

Biochar: 100%

Carbon:  >80%

Total ash:  <7%

Additional information

Weight 158.79 kg


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