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Chris parry

Mattison Orlesky
Rocky mountain soil is owned by Mattison orlesky. I have worked in the hemp/cannabis industry for over ten years. I started as a budtender/master grower on hemp farms and cannabis facility’s in Alberta. slowly I worked my way up to one of the heads of rafter p ranch hemp consulting. from there I entered to the management of soil and remediation using fungi and hemp plants to fix contaminated soil. in this period, I played an integral role, as head grower using my knowledge of fungi and micro-organisms to organically heal the soil. using hemp plants to sequester large amount’s of carbon from the atmosphere and deposit it into the ground while also putting carbon and nitrogen into the soil. with all the years of experience growing with synthetic fertilizers I’m committed to organic and sustainable farming/gardening practices.
strategically I transferred from rafter p ranch after 2 years of hands on experience I started rocky mountain soil in operation since 2020.